Acne is most common concern of many people who are seeking skincare treatments for help.

Acne is a skin disorder of sebaceous glands . It is usually triggered by hormonal changes. It begins to flare up when we reach puberry,but adult acne is also prevalent.

Other causes of acne include


clogged follicles,bacteria,


skincare products,


Course of few skin treatments and post treatments products regimen will help you to clean your face and make difference 

in your life.



Before the treatment begins I will do thorough skin analysis using skin analysis machine.

Me and you will see visual condition of your skin. That helps me to understand your skin type and condition and provide the best treatment possible for your skin type.

  Beside genetic determination of skin type, skin type can change over time.

Skin type is based primarly on how much oil is produced and the amount of lipid found between the cells, Generally , our skin becomes drier over the time, and our cellurar metabolism and oil/lipid production slow down as we age.


Habits,diet and stress play a part in our overall health as well as a reflexition in our skin appearance. Particular skin condition can be caused by allergies/reactions,genetic/

ethnicity,medications,medical conditions and other internal and external factors, such as internal health of vital organs,

nutrition,alcohol consumption,


environmental exposure and pollutants,etc.


Unstable molecules that cause inflammanation,disease,and biochemical aging in the body,especially wrinkles and sagging of the skin.



PH and  Skincare Products.

When the skin exposed extremely in PH levels, dryness,dehydration,

inflammanation, and even bacteria can grow if the product is incorrect for a given skin type. So, it is very important to determine the skin type to avoid any complication from the skincare product usage. Some product are appropriate for the slight dry skin to help reduce oil and bacteria but the same product cannot be used for the very dry skin.

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